The World's Common
Gaming Platform Token
A Safer Gaming Platform
with Smart Contract and Blockchain

Scheduled to be listed in 2020, aiming to be the most convenient Token for Online Gaming anywhere in The World
First Pre-Sale is Scheduled for November 2019


Establishing a fraud-free system and
making the gaming life more enthusiastic around the world

Online gaming, which was born in 1996, is more than the sales of Macao, the world's largest in 2019, due to the attractiveness of its high dividend rate (the highest jackpot dividend of $ 8,600,000).
Also, the CAGR between 2019-2023 is said to be about 8% (2023 scale is expected to be 10 billion dollars), and this market is expected to expand further in the future.

There is no doubt that online gaming has established itself as a major entertainment industry worldwide.

However, because it is online, many are questioning about its transparency
In order to enjoy online gaming without fraud all over the world, we launched the LOME project.

Development and Prospects

The first step is the Operation of Tokens that can be used freely in various Games around the world.

As a second step, We will consider a stable Token Operation Framework that can be used commonly throughout the world, including Resort Facilities.

Dividend to Coin Holders

10% of Gaming Operating Profit will be distributed to Coin Holders.

Donation to Underprivileged Children

There is a reality that only 1% of the wealthy people in the world have more assets than the remaining 99%.
In order to contribute to society, the LOME Project will donate 5% of operating profits to the world's underprivileged children.

LOME Project